Advantage Through Quality - Permanently Striving for Continuous Improvement.
glcFor us excellence means never to be satisfied with the minimum requirements, but always searching for better and more efficient ways of providing our services. We have given a lot of thought to our processes and how to maximize quality and efficiency to develop a framework that gives the necessary tool to monitor and measure its overall performance. Our consequential Quality System certified with the ISO 9001:2008 embodies our philosophy which includes safety, environmental protection and the protection of our customers' assets through strict controls that provide uninterrupted ship operations and zero losses. Our offered services are quality assured based on the ISM code and ISO standards in fulfilling requirements of national and international bodies.

Providing the highest quality services to our customers COLUMBIA strives for an effective communication through encouraging input from employees, suppliers and customers. Our employees on the one hand with their individual qualities and personalities as well as their loyalty towards COLUMBIA contribute to our outstanding quality. Building long term relationships, analyzing feedback and keeping customers fully updated of developments and vessel performance also leads to a continuously improved customer satisfaction and trustful cooperation.

“It is not only the task of the company by oneself, but also the task of every employee of COLUMBIA to participate in environmental protection. Therefore everyone makes a contribution to our future." (Quote from a survey carried out in the company.)

We are fully aware of the paramount importance on the protection of the environment and have recognized that one of the greatest responsibilities to our planet earth and its belongings is to minimize the environmental impact. As always our success depends on the commitment of all persons. All employees in the office and at sea are encouraged to be environmentally conscious and to have a responsible attitude towards pollution prevention and preservation of natural resources. To support our aim of ensuring that our operation is conducted in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner regular trainings onboard and ashore are offered for everyone.

We have established an Environmental Management System Team represented by employees of all departments for working together and achieving the common goal of a successful introduction of ISO 14001:2004. The team has identified significant environmental aspects, objectives and targets for the office and our fleet. Measures for the realization of our targets are discussed continuously. Identifying and monitoring environmental aspects is a dynamic process that requires continuous review and update. Therefore the EMS Team encourages and invites all colleagues on board and ashore as well as our customers to provide comments and suggestions.

What effects all people, can only be solved together. (Friedrich Dürrenmatt, a swiss writer.)